Frank Jaquet

Place of birth:
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA:


Adventures of the Texas Kid: Border Ambush (1954)
as Judge
Wyoming Roundup (1952)
as Doctor
O. Henry's Full House (1952)
as Butcher (segment "The Gift of the Magi") (uncredited)
Ace in the Hole (1951)
as Sam Smollett
According to Mrs. Hoyle (1951)
as Watchman
The Scarf (1951)
as Town Sheriff
No Way Out (1950)
as Mr. Reilly (uncredited)
Rock Island Trail (1950)
as Mr. Smith
Motor Patrol (1950)
as George Miller
D.O.A. (1950)
as Dr. Matson
Over the Border (1950)
as Doc Foster
Mule Train (1950)
as Banker Hodges
Barbary Pirate (1949)
The Daring Caballero (1949)
as Judge Perkins
The Mutineers (1949)
as Capt. Stanton
Shockproof (1949)
as Monte (uncredited)
The Cherokee Flash (1945)
as Doc Mason
Colorado Pioneers (1945)
as Dave Wyatt
Mr. Muggs Rides Again (1945)
as Steward Farnsworth
Oregon Trail (1945)
as George Layton
Federal Operator 99 (1945)
as Warren Hunter
A Bell for Adano (1945)
as Basile
Santa Fe Saddlemates (1945)
as Governor L. Bradford Prince
Trail to Vengeance (1945)
as Foster Felton
Flame of Barbary Coast (1945)
as Prominent Citizen
The Vampire's Ghost (1945)
as The Doctor
In Old New Mexico (1945)
as Fat Stage Passenger
Grissly's Millions (1945)
as Robert Palmor, Sr.
Black Magic (1944)
as Paul Hamlin
Silver City Kid (1944)
as William Stoner
Call of the Rockies (1944)
as Doc Lee
Call of the South Seas (1944)
as Judge Fator
Beneath Western Skies (1944)
as Sam Webster
None Shall Escape (1944)
as Dr. Matek
Mission to Moscow (1943)
as Dutch Banker (uncredited)
Corregidor (1943)
as Priest
Silver Queen (1942)
as Hospital Doctor
City of Silent Men (1942)
as Judge
Call of the Canyon (1942)
as Doc Hooper
In Old California (1942)
as Dr. Glaggett
Raiders of the Range (1942)
as Sam Daggett
Double Trouble (1941)
as John W. Whitmore
No Greater Sin (1941)
as Dr. Henry Hobson
Redhead (1941)
as Theodore H. Brown, Ted's father
Lady from Louisiana (1941)
Federal Fugitives (1941)
as Sen. Reeson
Four Mothers (1941)
as Rock (uncredited)
Behind the News (1940)
as Newspaper Editor Fielding
Misbehaving Husbands (1940)
as Wilbur Drake
A Dispatch from Reuter's (1940)
as Mr. Stein (uncredited)
Spring Parade (1940)
as Detective
Black Friday (1940)
as Fat Man in Bar
Convicted Woman (1940)
as Department Store Manager (uncredited)
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet (1940)
as Banker
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
as Senator Byron (uncredited)
Eternally Yours (1939)
as Doctor
Dust Be My Destiny (1939)
as Ab Connors
Stanley and Livingstone (1939)
as Senator
They Shall Have Music (1939)
as Mr. Wallace (uncredited)
The Man They Could Not Hang (1939)
as Cigar-Smoking Fat Juror
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939)
as Edward
Stand Up and Fight (1939)
as Bluebird Bartender
Shine On Harvest Moon (1938)
as Homer Sheldon
Kentucky (1938)
as Martin
Next Time I Marry (1938)
as Frank
A Man to Remember (1938)
as Funeral Observer
Marie Antoinette (1938)
as Keeper of the Seal (uncredited)
Penrod's Double Trouble (1938)
as Sheriff Bart in New Mexico
Racket Busters (1938)
as City Hospital Doctor #1 (uncredited)
When Were You Born? (1938)
as Sgt. Kelly
Crime School (1938)
as Commissioner
Torchy Blane in Panama (1938)
as Second Leopard
Mannequin (1938)
as Stage Doorman (Uncredited)
Shake, Mr. Shakespeare (1936)
as Falstaff
Maid for a Day (1936)
as Master of Ceremonies Mr. Gould (uncredited) © 2020

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