Chang Tseng

Place of birth:
Beijing, China:


8 Minutes Ahead (2017)
The Unseen (2016)
as The Doctor
2012 (2009)
as Grandfather Sonam
Christmas Cottage (2008)
as Mr. Chang
Sài Gòn Nhật Thực (2007)
as Uncle Chen
The Murdoch Mysteries: Poor Tom Is Cold (2004)
as Sam Lee
Betraying Reason (2003)
as Walter Lu
The In-Laws (2003)
as Quan Le
Agent Cody Banks (2003)
as Mr, Yip
Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity (2002)
as Shuck Wong
Walking Shadow (2001)
as Fast Eddie Lee
The Miracle of the Cards (2001)
as Chinese Pharmacist
Turn It Up (2000)
as Mr. Chang
女人,四十 (1995)
as Tea House Owner
蠍子之滅殺行動 (1993)
as Mr Tu's dad
嘩鬼旅行團 (1992)
喋血街頭 (1990)
as Paul's father
生死搏鬥 (1977)
as Dr. Chang
屈原 (1977)
金鷹 (1964)
as Chaganhu
絕代佳人 (1953)
as Special Emissary of Qin © 2022

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