John Bishop

Place of birth:
Liverpool, England, UK:
John Bishop is an award winning comedian and actor.


John Bishop: Winging it Live (2018)
as Himself
Funny Cow (2018)
as Colin Pine
John Bishop's Gorilla Adventure (2015)
as Himself
John Bishop Supersonic Live (2015)
as John Bishop
One Rogue Reporter (2014)
Panto! (2012)
as Lewis Loud
John Bishop Live: Rollercoaster Tour (2012)
as Himself
John Bishop Live: The Sunshine Tour (2011)
as Himself
Route Irish (2011)
as Frankie
John Bishop Live: Elvis Has Left The Building (2010)
as Himself
Johnny Vegas: Who's Ready for Ice Cream? (2003)
as Himself © 2021

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