Amin Joseph


Angie: Lost Girls (2020)
as Ivan
Stuber (2019)
as Leon
Professor Mack (2018)
as Stephen Thompson
Shiner (2018)
as Owen
City of Lies (2018)
as Kevin Gaines
The After Party (2018)
as Leon
Call Me King (2017)
as Rhyis
Baywatch (2017)
as Frankie
Message From A Mistress (2017)
as Kingston Livewell
Non-Transferable (2017)
as Michael
No Regrets (2016)
as Roman
9 Rides (2016)
as Friend
Stock Option (2015)
as Marvelous
No Way Out (2015)
as Frank
Dope (2015)
as The Voice
There Are Ghosts (2015)
as Shane Sutherland
Superfast! (2015)
as Dre
My Favorite Five (2015)
as Jamison
The Gambler (2014)
as Neville's Bookkeeper
Time Lapse (2014)
as Big Joe
Best Night Ever (2014)
as Marcus
American Weapon (2014)
as Deshaun
Homefront (2013)
as Lead DEA Agent
Starlet (2012)
as Shadow
Freelancers (2012)
as Shady Guy #2
Operation Cupcake (2012)
as Cop
The Expendables (2010)
as Pirate Leader
Jada (2008)
as Ross
When Darkness Came: The Making of 'The Mist' (2008)
as Himself
The Mist (2007)
as M.P.
Rapturious (2007)
as Sloop
Nightmare (2005)
Call Me King
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