Tempus fugit

Categories: Science Fiction, TV Movie, Comedy, Romance
Tempus Fugit explores the effects of being able to travel back and forth in time in boring and insignificant installments – half-day to 6-7 days, at a stretch. But the point is, much like Butterfly Effect (the film – the wikipedia definition!), small, utterly insignificant, initial variations can/ may lead to large changes in the long term. This fascinating theory is clubbed along with an average-nobody’s seemingly inconsequential every day act becoming significant enough to save the world – to an incredible effect.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2003-11-13
Director: Enric Folch
Production Companies : Manga Films, TV3
Production Country: Spain


Xavi Mira
as Ramon
Neus Asensi
as Angie
Xavier Bertran
as Terrades
William Miller
as Andros
Irene Montalà
as Mònica
Ferran Frauca
as Fool
Albert Espinosa Writer

Andreu Rebés Photoscience Manager

Enric Folch Director

Enric Folch Writer

Alex Martinez Music

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