Happy Now

A teenage girl whose eerie resemblance to a local Welsh beauty queen killed 14 years earlier disturbs one of the men responsibile for her accidental death.

Category: Thriller
All grown up and gunning for political power in a small North Wales community, Glen Marcus and his best mate harbour a dark secret which seems to be coming back to haunt them. But can the daughter of Tina Trent, a local woman just returned from Alaska, be the same girl the two lads buried fourteen years earlier? Only local policeman Max Bracchi can solve the case with the help of a wrongly accused tramp, Tin Man.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2001-08-20
Run time: 97 minute / 1:37
Director: Philippa Cousins
Production Country: United Kingdom



Ioan Gruffudd
as Sgt Max Bracchi
Susan Lynch
as Tina Trent
Om Puri
as Tin Man
Emmy Rossum
as Nicky Trent / Jenny Thomas
Paddy Considine
as Glen Marcus
Richard Coyle
as Joe Jones
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
as Mark Wraith
Alison Steadman
as Bronwyn Race
John Henshaw
as Pete Copsey
Robert Pugh
as Hank Thomas
Sioned Jones
as Mary Thomas
Maria Pride
as Sharon Marcus
Philip Howe
as Sterling Davies
Richard Graham
as Bronwyn's Nurse
Anthony Bate
as Judge
Helen O'Keeffe
as Monica
Morgan Hopkins
as Ieuan the postman
Helen Gwyn
as Sandy
Christopher Mountfield
as Boy with Green Hair
Clare Isaac
as Librarian
Rhys Williams
as Taxi Driver
Marie Flavell
as Joe's Mum
Isaac Rhys Gott
as Glen's Son
Poppy Davies
as Glen's Daughter
Vicki Randall
as Contestant #1
Rachel Rice
as Contestant #2
Jo Newton
as Newscaster
Tom Delmar
as Dead Body
Isabella Collie-Cousins
as Child in Newscast
Giles Thomas
as Husband
Theresa Suffolk
as Injured Wife
Alison Owen Producer

Belinda Bauer Writer

Philippa Cousins Director

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