Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll

Categories: Drama, Fantasy, Animation
Isabella, the daughter of the noble York family, is enrolled in an all-girls academy to be groomed into a dame worthy of nobility. However, she has given up on her future, seeing the prestigious school as nothing more than a prison from the outside world. Her family notices her struggling in her lessons and decides to hire Violet Evergarden to personally tutor her under the guise of a handmaiden. At first, Isabella treats Violet coldly. Violet seems to be able to do everything perfectly, leading Isabella to assume that she was born with a silver spoon. After some time, Isabella begins to realize that Violet has had her own struggles and starts to open up to her. Isabella soon reveals that she has lost contact with her beloved younger sister, whom she yearns to see again. Having experienced the power of words through her past clientele, Violet asks if Isabella wishes to write a letter to Taylor. Will Violet be able to help Isabella convey her feelings to her long-lost sister?
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2019-09-06
Run time: 91 minute / 1:31
Revenue: $10,841,702
Director: Haruka Fujita
Writers: Tatsuhiko Urahata, Takaaki Suzuki.
Production Company : Kyoto Animation
Production Country: Japan


Yui Ishikawa
as Violet Evergarden (voice)
Minako Kotobuki
as Isabella York (voice)
Aya Endo
as Cattleya Baudelaire (voice)
Aoi Yuki
as Taylor Bartlett (voice)
Koki Uchiyama
as Benedict Blue (voice)
Takehito Koyasu
as Claudia Hodgins (voice)
Minori Chihara
as Erica Brown (voice)
Haruka Tomatsu
as Iris Cannary (voice)
Reiko Yoshida Series Composition

Youta Tsuruoka Executive Producer

Youta Tsuruoka Sound Director
Minori Chihara Theme Song Performance

Hideaki Hatta Development Producer

Visual Effects
Shouko Ikeda Animation Director

Shigeru Saito Producer

Shigeru Saito Music Producer

Tatsuhiko Urahata Screenplay

Yoko Hatta Executive Producer

Naoko Yamada Second Unit Director

Shunji Inoue Executive Producer
Shinichi Nakamura Producer

Visual Effects
Miku Kadowaki Key Animation
Miku Kadowaki Supervising Animation Director

Mikiko Watanabe Art Direction
Mikiko Watanabe Art Designer

Masayuki Nishide Executive Producer

Visual Effects
Nobuaki Maruki Animation Director

Haruka Fujita Director

Haruka Fujita Storyboard

Visual Effects
Haruka Fujita Key Animation

Haruka Fujita Second Unit Director

Hiroyuki Takahashi Prop Designer

Visual Effects
Hiroyuki Takahashi Key Animation
Noriyuki Kitanohara Key Animation
Seiichi Akitake Key Animation

Takuya Yamamura Second Unit Director

Visual Effects
Kazumi Ikeda Animation Director
Rie Sezaki Key Animation
Joji Unoguchi 3D Artist

Joji Unoguchi Art Designer

Visual Effects
Taichi Ogawa Key Animation

Hiromune Kurahashi Sound Effects

Takaaki Suzuki Screenplay

Megumi Suzuki Producer

Evan Call Original Music Composer

Kazusa Umeda Producer

Kana Akatsuki Novel

Visual Effects
Kyōhei Andō Key Animation

Shinichiro Hatta Producer

Visual Effects
Kunihiro Hane Key Animation
Nami Iwasaki Key Animation
Hiroshi Karata Key Animation
Fumie Okano Key Animation
Shinpei Sawa Key Animation
Mariko Takahashi Key Animation
Yuki Tsunoda Animation Director
Yuki Tsunoda Key Animation
Taira Yamaguchi Key Animation

Minoru Ōta Prop Designer

Minoru Ōta Second Unit Director

Kōhei Funamoto Director of Photography

Visual Effects
Akiko Takase Character Designer
Akiko Takase Supervising Animation Director
Yuki Yokoyama Key Animation
Kōhei Okamura Animation Director
Yūko Myōken Animation Director
Tatsunari Maruko Animation Director
Saeko Fujita Key Animation
Sana Suzuki Key Animation
Chiharu Kuroda Key Animation
Sayaka Watanabe Key Animation
Yoshinori Urata Key Animation
Aoi Matsumoto Key Animation
Hidehiro Asama Key Animation
Kōta Satō Key Animation
Ryo Miyaki Key Animation
Chinatsu Kamo Key Animation
Ami Kuriki Key Animation
Shiho Morisaki Key Animation
Ryōsuke Shirakawa Key Animation
Sumire Kusano Key Animation
Yurika Oono Key Animation
Tomomi Sato Key Animation
Momoka Yoshizaki Key Animation
Sae Sawada Key Animation
Yūsuke Miyahara Key Animation
Maiko Mibu Key Animation
Shun Itokawa Key Animation
Miho Takechi Key Animation
Seiya Kawaguchi Key Animation
Tamami Tokuyama Key Animation
Aya Hikita Key Animation
Mei Isai Key Animation

Yoko Kogawa Executive Producer

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