Wild Rose

Categories: Music, Comedy, Drama
A young Scottish singer, Rose-Lynn Harlan, dreams of making it as a country artist in Nashville after being released from prison.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2019-04-12
Run time: 101 minute / 1:41
Director: Tom Harper
Production Companies : Creative Scotland, British Film Institute, BFI Film Fund, Entertainment One, Fable Pictures, Film4 Productions, WR Holdings, Sierra Pictures (II), Neon
Production Countries: United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America


Jessie Buckley
as Rose-Lynn Harlan
Julie Walters
as Marion
Sophie Okonedo
as Susannah
Jamie Sives
as Sam
James Harkness
as Elliot
Craig Parkinson
as Alan
Adam Mitchell
as Lyle
Daisy Littlefield
as Wynonna
Janey Godley
as Jackie
Louise McCarthy
as Amanda
Maureen Carr
as Eileen
Bob Harris
as Himself
Mark Hagen
as Himself
Ryan Kerr
as Rory
Nicole Kerr
as Nell
Matt Costello
as Prison Officer #1
Janet Patterson
as Prison Officer #2
Lesley Hart
as Prison Officer #3
Carol Pyper Rafferty
as Prisoner #1
Natalie McConnon
as Prisoner #2
Brian McQuade
as Brian the Opry Barman
Vanya Eadie
as Kirsty
Kern Falconer
as Solicitor
Benny Young
as Judge
Margaret Mackenzie
as Marion's Friend
Marianne McIvor
as Cleaning Lady #1
Carolyn Calder
as Cleaning Lady #2
Natali McCleary
as Cleaning Lady #3
Doreen McGillivray
as Mary
Allison Simpson
as Line Dance Teacher
David McGowan
as G4S Guy
Martin Docherty
as Neighbour Man
Tracy Wiles
as Train Passenger
Josh Whitelaw
as Guy on Train
Helen Katamba
as Virgin Trains Staff
Atta Yaqub
as Doctor
Gemma McElhinney
as Nurse
Maryam Hamidi
as BBC Receptionist
Sondra Morton
as Drake Motel Owner
Ashley Shelton
as Roanne the Waitress
Robin Daugherty
as Wyatt
J. Thomas Bailey
as Ryman Security Guard
Kacey Musgraves
as Herself
Ashley McBryde
as Herself
Aly Bain
as Joe (Jaggy Nettles Band)
Phil Cunningham
as Iver (Jaggy Nettles Band)
Aly Macrae
as Colin (Jaggy Nettles Band)
Stuart Nisbet
as Stuart (Jaggy Nettles Band)
Ben Nicholls
as Eric (Jaggy Nettles Band)
Neill MacColl
as Neill (Jaggy Nettles Band)
Chris Vatalaro
as Roy (Jaggy Nettles Band)
Andy May
as Andy (Jaggy Nettles Band)
Natascha Wharton Delegated Producer
Kahleen Crawford Casting Director

Jack C. Arnold Music

Alison Owen Delegated Producer
Xavier Marchand Delegated Producer
Faye Ward Producer

Tom Harper Director

Mark Eckersley Editor

Polly Stokes Delegated Producer

Nicole Taylor Writer

George Steel Cinematography

Leslie Finlay Delegated Producer
Eugenio PĂ©rez Co-Producer

Costume & Make-Up
Jody Williams Makeup & Hair

Lucy Spink Decorator

Costume & Make-Up
Anna Mary Scott Robbins Costume Supervisor

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