Intrigo: Death of an Author

Categories: Mystery, Crime, Drama
A young author comes into possession of a manuscript sent by critically acclaimed writer, Germund Rein, shortly before he commits suicide.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2018-10-11
Director: Daniel Alfredson
Production Companies : The Amazing Film Company, Enderby Entertainment
Production Countries: Germany, Sweden, United States of America


Benno Fürmann
as David
Ben Kingsley
as Henderson
Tuva Novotny
as Eva
Veronica Ferres
as Kerr
Michael Byrne
as Keller
Daniela Lavender
as Mariam
Erik Johansson
as Mauritz
Elizabeth Counsell
as Fraue Bloeme
Sandra Dickinson
as Madame H
Daniel Alfredson Director

Daniel Alfredson Writer
Birgitta Bongenhielm Writer
Håkan Nesser Novel © 2019

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