Category: Comedy
Tom,a junior doctor under suspension for fatally removing the wrong lung from a patient and nick-named Dr. Death,is working in Leeds as a paramedic with the knowing Julie,who sells sex aids from the back of the ambulance. After dealing with a man whose pet alligator bit his fingers off and a Goth who threw up so much an exorcist was brought in,Tom redeems himself by reviving an unconscious man. But he still has to deal with Rob Krizzo,the scruffy - and useless - lawyer engaged to fight his case and who accidentally injects him,not to mention Terence,from whose anus he once removed a mobile phone and who is now lustfully stalking him.And then girl-friend Lucy,another doctor,seems to be about to throw him over.
Status: Released
Release date: 2010-10-24
Director: Ben Gregor


Kris Marshall
as Tom Lassiter
Karen Taylor
as Julie Wade
Finn Atkins
as Goth Girl
Lee Boardman
as Terrence Mowbury
John Branwell
as Clive
Cavan Clerkin
as Rob Krizzo
Pauline Daniels
as Clive's Wife
Kevin Eldon
as Carl
Richard Glover
as The Rat
Kerrie Hayes
as Sharon Selby
Simon Greenall
as Priest
Tom Price
as Luke Chambers
James Quinn
as Brian Selby
Catherine Shepherd
as Lucy Carrington
Daniel Lawrence Taylor
as Bandages
Greg Wagland
as Senior Consultant
Robert Wilfort
as Danny
Ben Gregor Director

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