Pig's Law

Categories: Drama, Crime
After inheriting a pig farm from their father, sisters Stephane and Betty do their best to keep the family business running. But while the very pregnant Betty is diligent about doing the work that needs to be done, Stephane can focus only on her crippling gambling problem, which has landed her in deep trouble with her creditors. Desperate for cash, she considers a dangerous option for repaying the debt … but will it work?
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2001-10-05
Run time: 98 minute / 1:38
Director: Erik Canuel


Isabel Richer
as Stéphane Brousseau
Sylvain Marcel
as Paquette
Catherine Trudeau
as Bettie Brousseau
Jean-Nicolas Verreault
as Chose
Stéphane Demers
as Adrien Massé
Marie Brassard
as Carole Massé
Zhenhu Han
as Le Tchin Tok
Christopher Heyerdahl
as Jodorowsky
Christian Bégin
as Riendeau
Marie Gignac
as Magalie, gérante du bar
Jean-François Boudreau
as Employé de Riendeau
Véronique Clusiau
as Serveuse au bar
Fayolle Jean
as Policier au barrage routier
David Kulumba
as Le bébé noir
Julien Kabongo-Mutombo
as Pile Bury Joe
Erik Canuel Director

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