Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

Categories: Action, Comedy, Horror
The first testament says "an eye for an eye." - The second testament says "love thy neighbour." - The third testament ... Kicks Ass!!!
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2001-06-10
Run time: 85 minute / 1:25
Director: Lee Demarbre
Production Company : Odessa Filmworks Inc.
Production Country: Canada


Phil Caracas
as Jesus Christ
Murielle Varhelyi
as Maxine Schreck
Maria Moulton
as Mary Magnum
Tim Devries
as Father Eustace
Ian Driscoll
as Johnny Golgatha
Josh Grace
as Dr. Praetorious
Tracy Lance
as Gloria Oddbottom
Glen Jones
as Father Alban
Mike Funk
as Danny Sabbath
Lucky Ron
as Blind Jimmy Leper
Johnny Vegas
as Himself
Jeff Moffet
as Santos
Ivan Freud
as Narrator
Erica Murton
as Maggie
Alex Godin
as Father Avellino
Shelly Pederson
as Woman Blessed on the Beach
Thetis Bernard
as Beach Vampire #1
Adel Croteau
as Beach Vampire #2
Karen Friis
as Dancing Angel #1
Marlene Friis
as Dancing Angel #2
Guen Douglas
as Dancing Angel #3
Sarah Levitin
as Dancing Angel #4
Eva Colpaart
as Dancing Angel #5
Ranita Raggo
as The Straight Shooters Waitress
Christopher R. Bugg
as Atheist #1
Ean Murphy
as Atheist #2
Graham Collins
as Allegro Clerk
Elinor Quesnel
as Praetorius' Patient #1 / Wrestling Girl #1
Christine Demarbre
as The Screaming Lesbian
Andy Smith
as The Bishop
Marc Charron
as The Cop
Jose Sanchez
as The Transvestite
as Fifi the Dog
Jay Stone
as God (voice)
Lyn Guerin
as Photographer #2
Alana Ragbir
as Photographer #3
Stu Hutchings
as Danny Sabbath's Bodyguard
Rayna Farr-Dutchin
as The Little Blind Girl
Harry Knuckles
as Himself
Jenny Coutts
as Virgin Mary
Nancy Riehle
as Wresting Girl #2 / Praetorius' Patient #2
as The Deaf Lesbian Dog
Mark Cayer
as Worshipper
Olga Chrzanowska
as Worshipper
Eric Demarbre
as Hockey Jersey Atheist
Miles Finlayson
as Atheist
Stephanie Halin
as Lesbian Vampire
Claudia Jurt
as Misty Winters
Yves Macra
as The limo driver
Jason McMaster
as Atheist 1
Karm Parker
as Atheist #6
Mark Pollesel
as Dancer
Steve Sauve
as Pedestrian, Homeless Person
Casey Tourangeau
as Singer, Musical Scene
Petr Maur
as Photographer #1
Lee Demarbre Director

Ian Driscoll Author

Graham Collins Music

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