Hemingway & Gellhorn

We were good in war. And when there was no war, we made our own.

Categories: Drama, Romance, TV Movie
Writer Ernest Hemingway begins a romance with fellow scribe Martha Gellhorn.
Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2012-08-27
Run time: 155 minute / 2:35
Budget: $19,500,000
Director: Philip Kaufman
Production Companies : HBO, Attaboy Films, For Whom Productions
Production Country: United States of America



Nicole Kidman
as Martha Gellhorn
Clive Owen
as Ernest Hemingway
David Strathairn
as John Dos Passos
Rodrigo Santoro
as Paco Zarra
Molly Parker
as Pauline Hemingway
Parker Posey
as Mary Welsh Hemingway
Tony Shalhoub
as Mikhail Koltsov
Santiago Cabrera
as Robert Capa
Lars Ulrich
as Joris Ivens
Peter Coyote
as Maxwell Perkins
Joan Chen
as Madame Chiang Kai Shek
Saverio Guerra
as Sidney Franklin
Mark Pellegrino
as Max Eastman
Remy Auberjonois
as John Ferno
Anthony Brandon Wong
as Chou En-lai
Keone Young
as Mr. Ma
Larry Tse
as Chiang Kai Shek
Alfred Rubin Thompson
as Skinner
Aitor Inarra
as Felipe
Eric Michael Roy
as Brooklyn Soldier
Edin Gali
as Hungarian Soldier
Stephanie Bastos
as One Legged Whore
Malcolm Brownson
as Orson Welles
Hugh Helm
as First Journalist
William Hall
as Second Journalist
Angela Tse
as Chinese Woman at Bar
Agostino Crotti
as Chef
Gloria Laino
as Chef's Wife
David Gutierrez
as Old Spaniard with Guitar
Valerie Pintado
as Singer
Glen Caspillo
as Desk Clerk
Ivonne Coll
as Gypsy Crone
Amiel Gonzalez
as Young Boy
Diane Baker
as Mrs. Gellhorn
Patrick Mapel
as Alfred Gellhorn
Michael Pritchard
as Texan
Carlos Teasdale
as Cuban Boxer
Hansford Prince
as Bartender
Geoff Callan
as MP
Bubba Lewis
as Soldier
Emily Jordan
as British Cleaning lLdy
Clive Chafer
as Interviewer
Chris Ayles
as The Brit
Marina LaValle
as Cuban Singer
John Calloway
as Piano Player
Stevenson Heriveaux
as Soldier on Train
Aaron Delman
as Soldier on Train
Jessie Bridges
as Flight Attendent
Eric Shawn Hart
as Capa Soldier
Sarah Cecilia Bukowski
as Tropicana Dancer
Jessica Guda
as Tropicana Dancer
Caroline Rocher
as Tropicana Dancer
Jesica Salomon
as Tropicana Dancer
Linda Steele II
as Tropicana Dancer
Brooke Adams
as Madrid Woman (uncredited)
Robert Duvall
as Russian General (uncredited)
Connie Nielsen
as Tall Blonde Woman (uncredited)
Walter Murch Editor

Victoria Thomas Casting

Philip Kaufman Director

James Gandolfini Executive Producer

Costume & Make-Up
Karen Bradley Makeup Artist

Javier Navarrete Original Music Composer

Mike Topoozian Associate Producer

Rogier Stoffers Director of Photography

Costume & Make-Up
Ruth Myers Costume Design

Geoffrey Kirkland Production Design

Peter Kaufman Executive Producer

Jerry Stahl Writer

Trish Hofmann Executive Producer
Barbara Turner Executive Producer

Barbara Turner Writer

Christa Vausbinder Co-Producer
Nancy Sanders Co-Executive Producer

Costume & Make-Up
Aurora Bergere Makeup Artist

Vieve Haag Production Supervisor
Alexandra E. Ryan Executive Producer

Costume & Make-Up
Nancy J. Hvasta Leonardi Makeup Artist

Visual Effects
Kip Larsen Visual Effects Producer
Chris Morley Visual Effects Supervisor
Nathan Abbot Compositing Supervisor
Adrienne Anderson Visual Effects Production Manager

Satish Ratakonda Compositor

Costume & Make-Up
Andrea Pino Makeup Artist

Shelley Campbell Compositor
Shannon Gerardin Visual Effects Editor

Mark Armstrong Co-Executive Producer

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